Make REST API Documentation using swagger in Go

For golang based HTTP/REST API documentation,I choose swagger. go-swagger has several features for swagger documentation. The go-swagger can generate swagger spec based code generation but I already have an REST API server. I use go-swagger with golang comment annotation for swagger spec generation.

Releasing with bumpversion, govvv and drone

One of pleasures about coding is using good tools. Recently I use bumpversion, govvv and drone for version releasing. bumpversion bumpversion is automation for semantic versioning. Most of my projects have simple config file like below. (.bumpversion.cfg) [bumpversion] commit = True tag = True current_version = 0.

Using docker-machine

The Docker machine is a command tool created by the docker team to manage docker servers. It automatically creates hosts and installs docker engine on them and configures the docker client to talk. If you install the docker machine tool,you can use it like below:

About Docker Swarm

오랜만에 docker-korea meetup에서 About Docker Swarm이라는 이름으로 작은 발표를 했다. 장표는 매우 간단…

Vengo 사용하기

Python을 사용하는 사람이라면, virtualenv을 잘 알것이다. 각 프로그램마다 각…